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Collective Strategies, Inc. bolsters existing accounting, business offices and leadership teams with a principled and diverse team of highly-skilled professionals.

Financial Management

Our unique approach to financial management utilizes both cutting-edge technologies for offsite support and direct, in-person guidance. We make the effort to truly understand each client’s distinctive political and cultural perspective, allowing us to supply relevant objective data that is tailored to situational needs.

clear unbiased financial information
for your leadership

Fund Accounting Services

Our unique approach to providing Fund Accounting services allows you to use our experienced professionals to assist your accounting staff to do their job timely and accurately. We make the effort to truly understand each client’s distinctive political and cultural perspective, allowing us to tailor our services to your own unique needs.

Financial Leadership Advisory

The fast experience working with diverse leadership teams has evolved our senior team into trusted advisors for tribal, enterprise or non-profit leadership. We bring culturally sensitive support to assist with informed government, enterprise and general business decisions.

Accounting Software Applications

We provide an accounting based approach to our implementation and training’s for your offices accounting and productivity software needs. This unique approach leaves your team with a well implemented system that has included training both on practical use of the systems and best practices that fit into your Policies & Procedures requirements. Our expertise include MIP Fund Accounting, Microix Workflow Products, EWS (Employee Web Services), MIP HR, MIP Connector, Amplifund Connector and Dropbox.

Secure Application Hosting

Our software development teams have evolved through our knowledge of client’s accounting and productivity needs to connect directly with outside software tools to their accounting packages, real-time. We have utilities that connect outside software, web based applications that help with productivity and compliance, and Cloud Hosting of your accounting systems that extend your office’s network.
Collective Strategies focuses on learning the inherent and cultural challenges while incorporating best practices.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Collective Strategies came in during a very stressful time after loosing our CFO. The audits were a mess and late, while the staff was just trying to keep their heads above water. The team came in every day at first and calmed everyone down and worked to bring our department back into shape.

– JS

We were very skeptical at first, doing our accounting remotely. The team walked us through transitioning our processes to enable them to process all our accounting tasks and work with our onsite person to cut checks and make deposits. Now, we cut checks one time a week, all our vendors are paid on time, our contract reporting is completed and submitted early and our audit prep is kept to a minimum, while they close our month quicly.


The training and implementation team are accountants first, then software trainers. So, they approached our training's providing best practices, while training us how to use the software. They didn't just show us menus and build reports.


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