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Cloud Software Development & Hosting

Our software development teams have evolved through our knowledge of client’s accounting and productivity needs to connect directly with outside software tools to their accounting packages, real-time. We have utilities that connect outside software, web based applications that help with productivity and compliance, and Cloud Hosting of your accounting systems that extend your office’s network.

Software Tools

MIP Connector

The MIP Connector uses the API Functionality built into MIP Fund Accounting Software to connect to outside business software tools.

Our hooks allow us to provide two way communications with Salesforce.com, payroll services’ data files, Amplifund Grant Management, Microix (Procurement, Inventory, Timesheets & Budgeting).

As our customers need new software packages connected, our universal “hooks” allow us to quickly attach to their systems and provide two way communication between MIP Fund Accounting and their software tools.

The MIP Connector can talk to your MIP Fund Accounting system located on-premise, hosted in the cloud or MIP Online.

Check Request Tool (CRT)

A web application that processes check requests in batches. This tool was designed for clients that historically have processed batches, or folders of check requests, using paper and a manila folder.

This tool takes the place of the paper invoices, supporting documents and that manila folder that physically moves from approval office to approval office.

The CRT uses Approval Flows to route each folder of check requests through the proper approval process, with all attached supporting documents. After each batch has had it’s final approval, the entire batch ends up in MIP Fund Accounting as an unposted Accounts Payable Invoice session, with an email to your Accounts Payable technician for review and posting. (Screen Shots coming shortly) Learn more…

Time Sheet Certification Tool (TSCT)

This tool certifies payroll data from MIP Fund Accounting or any Payroll system or service. Using payroll data, the tool sends an email report to each employee required to certify their time for electronic certification. Your employee may also log into their own web portal to certify their time or review historical time reports.

This tool differs from certification of time sheets upon submission in that it certifies actual time paid by each grant, to account for any adjustments after time was submitted by the employee. There is an administrator’s portal to view who hasn’t certified their time yet, resend the time sheets or re-route them to a supervisor for certification. Auditors have their own login with view only rights, for testing.

Data originates from MIP or the accounting system, the time ties directly back to the entries into your accounting system and tests at 100% to what was actually paid to the employee. This tool was developed with assistance by one of the leading national audit firms that work with Federally funded entities.

Custom Software & App Development

Often our clients have specific needs for productivity tools or to connect an outside web app or tool to their existing systems. We utilize two unique teams for rapid development of web based software applications. One of our teams is focused on unique technical challenges not yet solved in the market place, while our other team uses current technology to develop web and mobile apps that increase productivity and allow your resources to connect with employees or other systems, regardless of their location.

Cloud Application Hosting

For our clients that wish to purchase or keep their on-premise versions of MIP, but want the security of moving it to the could, we have an option to extend your network to our cloud hosting solution.

This option allows you to move the MIP server and other servers to a consistently updated and backed up cloud server. Meanwhile, it is still part of your network. That means for MIP users, there is no change in how your MIP works. You do not have to login using a web browser or Remote Desktop App. When you save excel or PDF reports, they can save directly to your workstation or another network server.

It is basically your computer closet, just not down the hall.

And, for international hosting needs, we can utilize in-country infrastructure for the same solution. Non-U.S. hosting locations include Canada, The European Union, and United Kingdom. No “cross boarder” hosting concerns.