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Check Request Tool (CRT)

A web application that processes check requests in batches. This tool was designed for clients that historically have processed batches, or folders of check requests, using paper and a manila folder.

This tool takes the place of the paper invoices, supporting documents and that manila folder that physically moves from approval office to approval office.

The CRT uses Approval Flows to route each folder of check requests through the proper approval process, with all attached supporting documents. After each batch has had it’s final approval, the entire batch ends up in MIP Fund Accounting as an unposted Accounts Payable Invoice session, with an email to your Accounts Payable technician for review and posting.

CRT Pricing

Small - $250/month

Up to 5 Users
MIP Connector – Included

Medium - $450/month

6-20 Users
MIP Connector – Included

Large - $1000/month

31-50 Users
MIP Connector – Included
* Recurring Costs Billed Quarterly in advance by credit card or annually by check w/quarter advanced.

Contact us for pricing above 50 users.

Provisioning: $1500
Fees waived if affected by the COVID Pandemic

MIP Connector Provisioning: $500
Support for IT to connect to MIP Server. (remote)

Admin Training: $500
Train how to setup, user, approval flows and MIP Distribution codes. (remote)

One time Train the Trainer: $500
User training. (remote)


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